Wendy Anderson

Wendy Anderson is an artist who lives and works in London. She graduated from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen and completed her MA at Birmingham Polytechnic in 1984. She is currently represented by Eagle Gallery, London.

Artist Statement

My recent artworks have been based on my extensive world travel, with notes, photographs, drawings of past journeys, manifesting in a series of mixed media paintings and drawings. City architecture, structures, travel and airports all have infiltrated my work and these structures have become increasingly evident in the recent paintings and drawings. Having lived in many high-rise hotels, seeing views of rooftops, motorways and construction works, has influenced the structures that now inhabit the paintings.

Awareness of the codes and numbers that identify my seat on a flight for example, making crossing boundaries possible. My ability to enter and exit countries; has become a series of lists, whilst recognizing the anonymity of travel, and with that there is a sense of having no identity whilst between cities. Airport lounges and waiting for flights has become times that I sit, observe and inhabit that state of limbo. This is an interesting juxtaposition within the current political issue of worldwide immigration and migration of refugees within Europe, and how it is ever increasingly difficult to move across country borders.

Hotels and inhabiting a temporary space, also has a resonance with my artworks, I have exhibited many hotel drawings, (either on the hotel paper, or from magazines and newspapers read whilst traveling.)

For many years I have made my own oil paints and the works use a range of montage and handmade oils on either canvas or wood. I have also previously researched and investigated pigments and minerals, making a series of drawings at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge.

During 2015, I was an artist in residence at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, I also had an exhibition at the museum as a culmination of the residency.

I  co – curated a project, Collective Response, an exhibition held at the Guildhall Art Gallery, London, a museum located in London’s financial district and partially built over a Roman amphitheater, continued her research into ancient pigments. Central to the idea of the works she exhibited during this exhibition was the connection to Roman colour, with each work a collage, concentrating on a particular pigment used in Roman times, such as bone blackcinnabar red and ochre

SEDA PDAF Award, Supervising postgraduate research, 2005
M.A. Fine Art Birmingham Polytechnic, 1984
B.A. Fine Art, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, 1983

Upcoming shows and residency 2019
" Drawing Exhibition" Il Decameron Club House, Odessa, Ukraine

Selected Shows

“cmd x cmd v” Group Exhibition, Nook Gallery, Beijing, China

"London Group Exhibition” Kensington and Chelsea College, London 2019
"Drawing Distinctions"  Cello Factory, London 2019
"We are not amused” works on paper by British artists, Baca Art Centre, Beijing, China 2019

"Drawing Distinctions” Furlong Gallery, Wisconsin, USA 2018
"The London Group at St Ives"  Penrith Gallery, Cornwall 2018
"Space Shift" APT Gallery, London 2018

'Nothing Endures But Change' with The London Group, June 2018
"Odds and Evens" Eagle Gallery, 2017
"Identity" Studio 13, Kiev, Ukraine 2017
The British Society of Self-Deprecation", Cheng Centre for Contemporary Art ,798  Beijing China 2016
"Academic Original Creative 2016", Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China 2016

Selected Residencies
Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei. Taipei National University of the Arts, 2015
Field Institute, Hombroich Museum, Düsseldorf, 2002
Bishop Challoner School, organised by the Whitechapel Gallery, 2000

For any enquiries: please contact Emma Hill, Eagle Gallery




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